treatment-for-ringwormTreatment for Ringworm

Worms don’t cause ringworm. Rather, this superficial skin infection, also known as tinea, is caused by fungi called dermatophytes. Fungi are microscopic organisms that can live off the dead tissues of your skin, hair, and nails, much like a mushroom can grow on the bark of a tree.

Ringworm of the body is a fungal infection that develops on the top layer of your skin. It’s characterized by a red circular rash with clearer skin in the middle. It may or may not itch. Ringworm gets its name because of its appearance. There is no actual worm involved.

Ringworm, this skin condition, also called tinea corporis, ringworm of the body is closely related to athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), jock itch (tinea cruris) and ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis).
As natural medicine works very good often spreads by direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or animal.

Antifungal medications are used to treat ringworm. Mild ringworm often responds to the 3 week diet products that you apply to your skin. For more-severe infections, you may need to take antifungal pills treatment for ringworm for several weeks.

To prevent ringworm:

Keep your skin and feet clean and dry.
Shampoo regularly, especially after haircuts.
Do not share clothing, towels, hairbrushes, combs, headgear, or other personal care items. Such items should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after use.
Wear sandals or shoes at gyms, lockers, and pools.
Avoid touching pets with bald spots. Alternative Names: Dermatophytid; Tinea.

Ringworm On The Face (tinea faciei)

Produces red, scaly patches and flaky skin on the face. There may be burning and itching associated with the infection. If left untreated the infection can get worse and lead to other infections.
Ringworm on Hands (Tinea manuum) – Appears as an itchy rash on one or both hands and can also infect the fingers as well. Some of the typical symptoms are; dry skin, patches of small weeping blisters, itching and burning sensation, discoloration of the skin and the tell tale red ring shape of the rash.

Ringworm on Feet (tinea pedis) also known as side effects athlete’s foot – The infection can give a burning and itching sensation on the top of the foot, sole of the foot and between the toes. The fungal infection can also spread to the toenails if left untreated.

The fungus that causes ringworm is a fungus known as dermatophytes. The thing that makes dermatophytes attack the human body is a protein that can be found in our nails, hair, and skin surfaces known as venapro reviews. This is why dermatophytes only attacks our skin, hair, scalp, and nails. These are the areas of the body that has the most keratin to attract the fungus.

Dermatophytes can easily survive how can i last longer in bed in items such as brushes, towels, and other objects which is why ringworm can easily spreads from one item to a person. The dermatophytes are microscopic spores that will live on the skin surface for months and can easily spread from animal to human, human to human, surface to human and object to human.

Occasionally, dogs are classified as inapparent carriers — harboring the disease-causing fungus, but presenting no visible signs of the condition. However, even these dogs are contagious to humans and other animals.


Dogs most commonly develop ringworm because of infections with the fungi Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. The incidence of each fungus varies according to your geographical location.

The antifungal medicine your GP prescribes will depend on the type of fungi causing the infection.
Terbinafine tablets
Most people with scalp ringworm are prescribed terbinafine. It’s an effective treatment for most cases of ringworm. You usually need to take the tablets once a day for four weeks.
Side effects of terbinafine can include:
These side effects are usually mild and short-lived. Some people have also reported that terbinafine temporarily affected their sense of taste.

How to use it?

Phytozine is simple and safe to use on all parts of the body such as the face, scalp, hands, legs, and feet as well as sensitive areas such as the breasts, groin, genitals and anal region. Just apply the antifungal cream to the affected areas, making certain to cover the edges of the rashes, twice a day. In case of a severe ringworm infection or excessive discomfort, the cream can be applied more frequently without fear of causing side effects. It’s safe for kids, elderly people, individuals with diabetes and those with weakened immune systems caused by diseases such as Leukaemia and HIV/AIDS.

Natural Remedies For Ringworm

Great home remedy to calm the symtomps

Ingredients: chewing tobacco/tabacco

Instructions: just get the tabacco wet and put it on the infected area
and it will dry it up by the next morning and start flaking off then
repeat it really worksWhen you use the clear finger nail polish, make sure you prick the area with a needle, in order for it to get in there and stop the ring worm. This works the best and my family has been doing it for years, it never fails.

Oh, and wash your hands!Picture of green goblin in front of feetLamisil is a common antifungal cream used to get rid of ringworm. You’ve seen the commercials. Thank the lord we have things like forskolin fuel creams. As I mentioned before, ringworm, or the fungus that causes it, is quite closely related to athlete’s foot. Thus, anything that will cure the tinea that causes athlete’s foot should cure your average ringworm infection.Tube and box of monistat-dermMonistat-Derm is another common antifungal topical lotion used to cure ringworm.

A small area of infected skin tends to spread outwards. It typically develops into a rounded, red, inflamed patch of skin. The outer edge is more inflamed and scaly than the paler centre. So, it often looks like a ring that becomes gradually larger – hence the name ringworm. Sometimes only one patch of infection occurs. Sometimes several patches occur over the body, particularly if you catch the infection from handling an infected animal.